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December 10, 2008


Giorgio Mammoliti: Toronto’s favourite whackjob councillor.

Representing Ward 7 York West, Mammoliti recently sent out cheerful little letters to J&K West Indian Cuisine and VC’s Bar and Grill, telling them to pack up and leave his ward, or else.

Mammoliti charged the restaurants with illegally operating as night clubs because patrons came to the establishments to, shockingly, drink.

Granted both places had issues with licenses, but really, “”It is my understanding that … you are in fact licenced as an “eating establishment,” but were actually operating as a “night club” with virtually no food being served on the premises. Clearly no good can come of your establishment in the way it is currently being operated.””

To put this in perspective, check out Mammoliti’s past accomplishments:

  • attempts to impose curfews on teens
  • took down basketball nets in “troubled” areas to punish naughty, naughty youth
  • tried to ban roadside memorials for slain gang members
  • said gangsters should be treated as terrorists and dealt with by the army

Now if you’re noticing any sort of trend in who he’s targetting, you’re not the only one. I however don’t want to pull out the racist card because I’m afraid he’ll come take away my badminton rackets.


PS: He also opposed a bill to extend spousal benefits to same-sex couples and tried to bring an NHL team to North York. Go figure.

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  1. Ruth Boulet permalink
    January 13, 2009 6:48 pm

    What’s even scarier is that today at the Etobicoke York Council meeting, Mammoliti was declared the second co-chair of the west end Crime Task Force along with Councillor Palacio. Now we have thugs eradicating thugs????? Is this Mammoliti’s way of ethenic cleansing? What about all the Italian “social” clubs where illegal gambling is taking place in Ward 7? Why isn’t he targeting them?

    It’s too bad the newspapers are too afraid to print stories about what Mammoliti is really doing in his Ward. They have been handed documentation on a silver platter and they won’t touch it.

    Does anybody wonder why Miller stands by and lets his lap dog carry on in such an offensive manner to the city and to Miller’s credibility, especially with a new election next year? Who knows maybe Mammoliti has something on him. Why else would the Mayor allow himself to be so closely connected to someone committing political suicide………..

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