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December 10, 2008

Joe Sakic has been sidelined once again– this time, by a snow blower.


The situation got even worse for the Colorado Avalanche captain, who was already out of the lineup with a herniated disc in his back, when he broke three fingers and also damaged tendons in his left hand in a snow blower accident on Tuesday.

Colorado Avalanche Senior Vice President, Communications and Business Operations Jean Martineau told The Rocky Mountain News that Sakic is a “bright, intelligent, 39-year-old who made a mistake…He put his hand where he shouldn’t have.”

No kidding.

Sakic underwent hand surgery and is expected to make a full recovery, but he is also expected to be out for three months, which more or less ruins his 2008-2009 (and possibly last?) season.

I feel bad writing this, because of two main reasons:
1) He’s had a tough couple of years– he was sidelined for 38 games last season following a hernia surgery, and almost retired this summer, before deciding to come back for his 20th NHL season.
2) He really seems like a nice, classy guy, and I really hope he heads back to the Avalanche after his recovery.

But really…couldn’t he have hired someone to remove the snow for him?

I’m really sorry Joe, but…


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