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December 17, 2008

In our very first post, we said that Nicole Kidman fucked up just for kicks.

But now she really has fucked up! Aboriginal leaders in Australia are furious because Kidman broke an age-old taboo against women playing the didgeridoo.


Kidman played the instrument last Saturday on a German TV game show.

Aboriginal actor and language teacher, Richard Green, even suggested that Kidman’s stunt may cause her her fertility. “People are going to see Nicole playing it and think it’s all right. It bastardises our culture. I will guarantee she has no more children. It is not meant to be played by women as it will make them barren,” he said. GEEZ!

Yeah, she probably didn’t know. And yeah, the tradition is misogynistic, and maybe some people (i.e Richard Green) are taking it a little too far. But still…it’s an Australian cultural tradition. And she is Australian. Therefore…


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