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December 23, 2008


It’s becoming more and more apparent that Plaxico Burress, like he said last year, really is his “own worst enemy.”

After successfully ending his season by shooting himself in the leg, and then not being able to pay his bills, the New York Giants wide-receiver has fucked up yet again.

Alise Smith, 27, from Miami, has filed a civil lawsuit against Burress for injuries she suffered following a car accident last May, which she alleges Burress caused by rear-ending her Ford Probe on an access ramp to the Florida Turnpike.

Smith’s lawyer, Adam Dougherty said that the accident left Smith with two disk herniations with spinal cord impingement, which caused over $16 000 in medical bills. The lawsuit seeks damages in excess of $15 000 from Burress.

And if the lawsuit itself wasn’t enough, when Dougherty contacted Burress’s insurance company, AllState, he found that Burress was without insurance.

Apparently Plax failed to pay the premiums on his $140 000 Mercedes-Benz, and AllState terminated his auto insurance on May 13, three days before the accident occurred.

Really Plax, when are you going to learn?


P.S: I’d like to leave you with this.

Thanks to Amit for bringing Plax’s latest fuck-up to our attention!

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