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April 29, 2009

Rangers Capitals HockeyTonight, the New York Rangers lost 2-1 to the Washington Capitals in the 7th game of the Eastern conference quarter final playoff series. Respectable, right?

Sure. Except for the fact that New York was leading the series 3-1.

The Caps’ winning goal was scored by Sergei Federov on a return rush after the Rangers’ Ryan Callahan shot high and wide on a good scoring chance. So, Callahan fucked up by not scoring when he probably could have, but he’s not the only one to blame for the Rangers’ tragic demise.

Game 5 and 6 of the series were absolute trainwrecks for New York, with some highlight fuck-ups including:

  • Head coach John Tortorella being suspended for Game 6 after fighting with a fan and throwing a water bottle at said fan. (Ok, but really, that guy deserved to have something thrown at him.)
  • Goalie Henrik Lundqvist no longer being god-like– He gave up 9 goals in 34 shots in games 5 and 6 after stopping 141 of 149 in the first four games.
  • Offense ….not being offensive. In the third period of game 7, they had one shot.
  • Sean Avery still existing?!

The Rangers’ series of fuck-ups made the Caps the 21st team in NHL history to win a series after being down 3-1.

So now, the Capitals go on to face Sidney Crosby and his pathethic attempt at a playoff beard and the Rangers go down as being the only team in franchise history to lose a series after leading 3-1.

New York Rangers:


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  1. Judge permalink
    April 30, 2009 3:07 pm

    Shouldn’t we be happy the Rangers fucked up? They are a shit team after all

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