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May 4, 2009

Bow Wow is a pretty big douche for someone who peaked at “Like Mike.”

Bow Wow was slated to perform at Chez Vous– a roller-rink in Dorchester, Mass. that is a widely known refuge for city youths– as part of their annual Peace Night, held in April. The Peace Night concert was held to encourage peace and curb violence among Dorchester youth.

But, he cancelled last minute, saying “safety concerns” were the reason.

If that isn’t bad enough, Chez Vous will now be sold, after the rink’s owner and general manager, Greer Toney failed to make a mortgage payment. Having faced foreclosure in the past, the rink operated under an the agreement that if a mortgage payment was missed, it would be auctioned off.

The reason the mortgage couldn’t be paid? Toney had to refund 500 tickets at $35 each. And since some expenses had to be paid in advance, she had to use money from her own pocket to reimburse the ticket-holders.

Bow Wow:


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  1. GeeWhiz permalink
    January 16, 2011 11:15 pm

    Bow Wow is a cock sucking dog

    I hope if he ever goes to Boston, they fuck him up.


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